Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Sewing Stuff

Finally, I visited my local sewing lounge Stitch Cleveland! I was a little disappointed because I was the only one there, but even the most serious sewists aren’t usually thinking about sewing on a Friday summer evening when the weather is so gorgeous. Hiedi and I learned and awful lot about each other! She was working on some fantastic quilted handbags out of some Amy Butler prints that they have in the shop. I managed to almost complete a dress there - finished it at home. I’ll probably post a more in-depth review after another visit (I was too shy to take pictures…this time).

All is ready for the My Pattern contest on PR….This week I got my fabric from EOS (yes, it was my first choice and the choice of most of you bloggers). It’s a little more stiff than I imagined but the color is fabulous a deep, dark, espresso brown. I’ll be making one last muslin to figure out the front closure, then it’s off to the final fabric! That site continues to amaze me. I’ve had my eye on that fabric for over a month keeping my fingers crossed that it would still be available when I was ready to order. The very day after I placed my order it was listed as sold out with only a 2yd. piece left on the remnant page. Two days later that was gone too! The turnover there is amazing!

A few bloggers have been feeling the pull of those vintage patterns and boy, can I relate! Last spring (before PR), I owned about 5 vintage patterns that I thought were cool but never seriously considered using them for anything expect wall decorations. Now, I’ve made five garments and my pattern collection has more than tripled. And it’s so easy to get drawn in! For instance, I went browsing for a coat pattern.

Just, roaming around the vintage pattern sites and somehow this managed to find its way into my mailbox!

I did show some restraint the next day when I was looking for and found a jumpsuit pattern for the fall wardrobe (that I'm trying not to think about even though I did plan a little 4-piece mini wardrobe with some purple and tan fabrics :)

A few weeks ago I checked out a Taunton/Threads book that I’d never heard of before called Sewing Tips & Trade Secrets.

Like most of their books it is reprinted information, but the information is primarily tips sent in by readers. I thought I’d heard/read them all but found several that I will be trying out and probably use on a regular basis. I tried out this one on the cushions I just made. The author wanted to assure that the corners of a welt pocket would stayed turned under when using bulky fabrics. The fabric I used is far from bulky but it worked for me and was the first chance I had to try it out.

I didn't really put in a welt on my cushions, this is the window I made to insert the zipper.

Happy Sewing to all!


Dawn said...

Cute, cute dress and it looks great with those shoes. They go perfectly together.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Yeah, the vintage pattern thing is like quicksand...I lose several hours every Saturday to my new obsession! *LOL*