Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Does That Have To Do With Sewing?

I've been meaning to do this post for awhile. Then Summerset asked the question, "what do you keep on hand that you use all the time?" That's just the motivation I needed. I decided to show you things I use that are not necessarily considered sewing items.

1. Binder for pattern envelopes. This one is a perfect size for pattern envelopes and if the envelope is too big (like Vogue) I just fold it in half.
2. Twin sheet set – my new fabric source for a crisp white blouse. Depending on the style of blouse, one twin flat sheet is probably enough, but this set was on sale.
3. Sandwich bags to hold the contents of my patterns, which are then filed in numerical order.
4. Fabric sizing (light starch) – My new BFF! I read a tip about using this while constructing your garments – even knits – and I LOVE IT! (I didn’t realize it was a light starch until I came home. Next time I’ll go for the real thing.)
5. Padded shelf liner. Originally purchased to keep my sewing pedals from moving. It hasn’t really made a difference there but has worked miracles on stabilizing my serger.
6. Pattern paper (actually vinyl). This is a tip that I sent to Threads (and got published :). It’s a roll of tablecloth vinyl that I can get at a local craft store for about $10, and it’s huge. I mean, it will last a loooong time. (Michael's craft stores probably carry it too.)
7. Crayola washable markers. My new fabric markers, from a tip on PR.
8. Glue stick; used to attach all the pattern pieces for the Neue Mode patterns I downloaded this summer.

Lastly, my sewing sanctuary treasure. This was purchased from a local antique store that was going out of business. I'm convinced it was originally made for storing and displaying patterns. So, that's how I use it.

That's it for now. Kristi tagged me, but that post will have to come later (when I can think of some witty answers)! And, Carolyn asked us to share our vintage pattern purchases (BTW, just got an email that momspatterns is running a sale, use the code "momsweekender"). I've had another recent delivery but that will also have come later. AND...I made a skirt last weekend! Finally, the basic black wool skirt that never got done last year. Not only that, it's part of a suit...stay tuned!


C_Fabrication said...

Those are great suggestions for sewing room accessories! Is the binder one of the small ones? How do you put the patterns in? Do you punch holes in the envelopes or use sleeves?

Also, are the sandwich bags big enough for the pattern pieces? Somehow I would think you'd need quart sized ziplocks for the pieces. But then maybe that's because I still try to refold them on the factory folds and put them in the itty bitty envelopes.

Thanks for the ideas.

Summerset said...

Great ideas! I love the tablecloth vinyl one - I'm doing a post on pattern tracing in the future do you mind if I steal it with proper credit? I use the ziplock bags, too, for traced patterns, quart size, but with the patterns folded up.

cidell said...

If I were to ever get my hands on that wooden storage I would be the happiest girl on earth!

original threads said...

Great ideas. I use binders for my patterns too. I take the pieces out and put them in large envelopes in numerical order. In the binders I use those vinyl scrapbook sleeves to hold the pattern. The binders provide quick access to browsing. I have way too many patterns!! Great blog.

Tany said...

What a fabulous storing cabinet!! You were lucky to get it!