Friday, November 21, 2008

The Winter Coat Saga

(Details of the black suit are coming, but I've been sick for two days and am not ready to get a picture of the entire suit yet.)

I had these grand illusions of sewing-along with all the GCSA participants and happily trotting out in my new garment the minute the temperature went below 40 degrees. Okay, I knew that was really not going to happen and my beautiful coat fabrics have been hiding all summer...and fall.

Guess what? The temps have dropped and I need a new coat, now!

One reason I haven't cut into it earlier is because I kept changing my mind about the pattern. I want an updated version of a tan wool coat the I've had for...dare I say, decades? At least one decade, more like a decade-n-a-half. First, it was going to be this OOP Vogue that I've had for some time. Then, everytime I turned around I saw a vintage pattern I wanted, including the one I used on the coat I was replacing. (Believe me, I was tempted!) I love the oversized feel of Vogue 9931 and the buttons all the way up to the neck (I hate it when the wind sneaks into that spot!). Then I saw Butterick 5078 and loved the silhouette, really loved the raglan sleeves, and the big pockets. Then a couple of weeks ago I was checking out the new Butterick patterns and fell in love with this.
Even after making the last purchase, I was still undecided. Until last week. I took my scissors to the fabric with the new Butterick pattern.

Did I make the right decision? Check back after Thanksgiving break and let me know what you think!


Lindsay T said...

I think you made the right choice. Looks like a classic to me. Good luck!

Linda said...

I agree with Lindsay I think the New Butterick is the right choice. I never got started on my coat and have some lovely fabric to make one. Just not sure when that will be.

Sew Passionista said...

I was on line today admiring that very coat. But I don't need another coat but I'm glad I'll be seeing it on you. Happy Thanksgiving from a Canadian blogger buddy.

Bunny said...

Wonderful classic design. You'll get years of wear from your choice.