Friday, March 13, 2009


I just finished (except for the hook and eye) a pair of pants that should have taken about three hours to make. I wasn’t keeping track but it had to be at least 6 hours of sewing time to get to this point. And they don’t even feel good. I want to pull them up so the crotch fits and pull them down so the waist fits, and this is after I’ve adjusted them more than once. The biggest problem is that, thanks to this book,
I realized that I should be making the “protruding seat” (read: big butt) and protruding front thigh (this is definitely not from exercise) alterations AFTER I’d already cut them out. These are not alterations that can be made after the garment is cut. Okay, that was the biggest problem. There were so many other little problems that I can’t even remember what they were! All I know is that I probably should buy a new seam ripper because these pants have worn out the old one.

The pattern is Simplicity 4366 which I made successfully last year. I’m making a jacket of the same fabric and they are both pieces of my SWAP for Stitcher’s Guild. The jacket is cut but I’ve been putting off sewing because I’m debating about the sewing method. Every time I see one of Tany’s beautifully tailored jackets I get a little more confident about making one myself.

So, I’ve kind of been thinking that I should try it on this jacket. But after these frustrating pants, I’m losing my courage for doing something so meticulous. Stay tuned. I’ve got a blouse cut and a knit skirt to make in addition to the jacket then my SWAP will be complete.

P.S. I highly recommend the pants fitting book! I purchased it recently at Half-Priced Books and it's really helpful. It shows ill-fitting pants on real people, identifies the problem, shows the pattern alteration, and the result.


Tany said...

Dana, pants are one of the most challenging garments fit wise, so don't feel frustrated; you'll get there.

Thank you for mentioning me!

gwensews said...

Pants are difficult to fit. Have you tried the Palmer/Pletsch method? Once you get a good fitting pant though, you can have a wardrobe of great pants, different lengths, different styles and colors.

Dana said...

Thanks for the advice! I usually don't have so many problems with my pants. I just kept making so many mistakes on this pair!