Sunday, June 28, 2009

Purchase Pix

More vintage patterns. It seems that the only way for me to control my vintage pattern stash is to avoid them completely - Hah! (That will never happen.)
Another beautiful but mostly impractical garment (much like the jumpsuit!)

Just love the lines of this one.

Got this one for the vest - I've got big plans for "the vest" in upcoming wardrobes. (Note the word plans :))

Dear readers, especially those that commented on this (thanks for such encouraging comments BTW), I happily blame you for this one! Not only do I love the jumpsuit, take a look at the line drawing for the jacket - note the back armholes and sleeve cap. Hmmm, this is something new...

And then there's the fabric:
My Vera Lavender purchases. Note: Yes, I'm happy with my purchases. They were exactly what I expected. Lovely, crisp silk for a blouse in the fall/winter wardrobe.

Silk/wool blend twill with a really nice hand.

I also got two pieces of white, one knit, one a nice cotton for either a blouse or a dress.

Then I got this e-mail from EmmaOneSock. This is another site I try not to visit often - it's just much too tempting. I wasn't looking for anything in particular until I saw this. I have been drooling over the spring Liz Claiborne and found many of the fabrics on this site! Only bought two though.

This lightweight cotton print for a blouse, maybe a nice sleeveless dress.

The second piece is one of the linen huge multi-colored plaids. My pictures don't do this fabric justice and I can't find an online pic to show you. Guess you'll just have to wait!

Then there's this glazed linen - thanks to you Nancy I had to have it. There is a blouse from this fabric in my future!

One more. I picked up this yesterday for a festive 4th of July dress. Hmmm, that's this weekend, right? I'm getting off the computer NOW!


gwensews said...

You have a lot of new goodies there! How fun. Love those fabrics, epecially the yellow/white chevron print.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Fun fabrics. That 4th of July dress will be so cute!

Lindsay T said...

I remember sewing Leo Narducci in the 70s. So stylish!