Monday, July 27, 2009

Rambling - Or "Why I Haven't Posted Lately Even Though It's Summer And I'm Not Working"

  • This full-time mom thing is just too much. I want my old schedule back – the one where I teach all day. My youngest is totally exhausted. Today the only option for extra rest was to make him stay home from his baseball game. This child Lives. For. Baseball. I listened to his tired little body cry and beg for a good 15 minutes before I caved. Fingers are crossed for tomorrow. But before all this my daughter put on her best "please don't leave me" crying performance (a face that I have actually seen her practice in the mirror) as I dropped her off camp!

  • I have fingernails. It’s not the first time in my life…maybe the third time. But this time I have them because I’m trying to be a good mom. Both my kids bite their nails…like I used to. They had to learn it from someone, must’ve been me. So I stopped biting my nails - for the kids. They (the nails, well, the kids too) tend to drive me crazy. I go to scratch and almost tear my skin off. Recently, they’ve been hitting extra keys on the keyboard. And, it’s more work. Now I’ve started using polish because they look much better covered, but it takes soooo much time!!! I’m trying so hard to keep it up, to set a good example…for the children.

  • I just about paid twice as much for a fabric I wanted on Long story about why I'm buying a piece for the second time, but you really should check out the Designer section (apparel fabric) of the site. Yesterday this silk was $10.98. Today I went to order and it was $5.49 – awesome! I didn’t even get the e-mail yet about whatever this sale is.

  • If I don’t start sewing by 7:00 p.m. I don’t sew. I really thought that I’d grown out of this habit but now that the kids are staying up until 8:00, I just can’t get anything done at night. It stems from my single days when I could make a lined straight skirt in three hours and still get my required hours of beauty rest.

  • I’m a project-oriented person. I need to sew in big chunks – one skirt, everything except the buttons on a blouse, the outer fabric of a jacket. My life doesn’t let me do that anymore. I can’t cope. My garments will agree.

  • Summer accomplishments so far: 1. completely cleaned out my closet, 2. completely cleaned out the closet that no one uses because it has so much junk in it, 3. moved my sewing area to accommodate the “zoom, zoom”, 4. scheduled ¾ of the kids dr. appointments, 5. made a small dent in the summer fabric stash. I can’t even begin with the “yet to do” list – it’s big.

  • Hopefully the next post will have some actually sewing info and pix, cause really, I hate to read. Just show me what you’re trying to say.


Meg said...

You know I really had a good laugh reading this post,don't you just stop sometimes and think 'how did I get here?' lol

Kristine said...

Good luck, hang in there! I remember when my son was a baby thinking that teaching 35 students was way easier than juggling two kids!