Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Would You Do?

1. can't beat the price........$10.00
2. has all accessories, feet, bobbins, etc. (but no manual)
3. all info says, if you find one at a good price, get it

1. don't need it
2. don't need it
3. really, I don't need it

(In real life the difference after cleaning is much more noticeable.)

This all came about because of my stupid buttonholer! I've convinced myself that it's the Necchi's fault that the buttonholer doesn't work but I need to try them on a different machine to see if that's true. The problem is, they don't fit on any of the other machines at my house (see list below)! How could that be?? I had this brilliant plan to go try it on my mom's bernina...duh, that thing that holds the feet is completely different - didn't even need to take it out of the box to see it wasn't going to work. So, off I go in search of an inexpensive old machine to make better buttonholes. Instead I found this at an antique mart buried in the back of the clearance room - and I do mean buried, this place is overflowing with stuff! I didn't see the tag originally and the guy said $10 - help me get rid of these sewing machines! What could I say?

Dana's Sewing Machine List
(In my defense I use all of the first three machines for almost every project I make.)
Consew industrial straigth stitch (zoom, zoom)
Scandinavia 200 computerized
Simplicity 3-thread serger
Student model Necchi (from the 90's, currently used for buttonholes only - this is the one I'm trying to replace to acquire the best buttonhole humanly possible!)
Antique Singer model 128 (no idea if it works, no pedal, another hand-me-down, read on line that if it doesn't work it's not worth fixing)
Kenmore Mini (belongs to daughter)

and now a Bernina 530 Record!

1. Would you have bought it? (Okay, I probably know the answer to this one!)
2. Would you keep it, if you were me or try and sell it?


Kathi said...

Looks like a pretty good find to me!! Have you tested it yet?

Dana said...

Haven't tested it yet. I thought it didn't have a pedal but then realized that the side bar operates the machine. The cord doesn't look too reliable - I've already ordered a new one. Maybe tomorrow I'll give it a try - just don't want sparks to fly!

a little sewing on the side said...

keep it!

LindaNan said...

I would keep it and treasure it.

Woodsong said...

You can find the manual at .

patsijean said...

Your investment in this machine was small but your donation of the machine could have a big impact on someone's life. I recently learned about The Sewing Machine Project (can't remember where now and I am sorry did not write it down). Many projects are underway to help women rebuild their lives. One project was to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, another to help women in Kosovo. If this is a machine that works, you don't really need, and could easily give up, I would suggest looking into this homegrown origination. The link is below.

eMp7 said...

1. don't need it
2. don't need it
3. really, I don't need it"


Let your family decide in 50 years.