Friday, October 9, 2009

Gone but not forgotten.

The real and true and only reason I've been gone is because my real job is going so well! The better my students do the more I want to do for them and so, being too busy to blog just means that teaching is going really well.

Of course, having no time to sew...well that's not so great. Aside from being really tired at the end of the day my machines are now right above my daughter's bedroom and the little drama mama insists she just can't sleep if I'm sewing. Last weekend it was just too much and I pointed out to her that if I couldn't sew at night I wouldn't be able to sew anything for her either. Problem solved. I have a new blouse and DD got a perfectly good night's sleep.

I don't have pictures of it yet but I have to give a shout-out for the pattern I used. The now OOP Vogue 8287.
It is a very easy blouse that looks like it's not (IMHO).
I love the collar.
There are french cuffs but they don't have buttons.
The bodice is fitted and short enough to wear untucked.
The armhole is high and comfortable.

I have tons more to share but it will have to wait. I just tucked the kids in and the sewing machine is calling my name!


Birgitte said...

I'm so happy your teaching is going well- what could be more important?!
But it's also good your DD can now sleep while you churn out beautiful stuff :))

Kathi said...

Glad you are having fun teaching!! The skirt pattern is cute - want to see the actual garment now!