Sunday, November 22, 2009


Taking some baby steps with the sewing...sewed up a muslin for my vintage jacket pattern and made small adjustments. Revisited the brown pants that I cut out and couldn't remember what modifications and pattern I used. It looks like they might be wearable soon.

Then my little princess fell off the monkey bars. Four days, three splints, one surgery, and countless healthcare professionals later she's ready to return to school. Well, for half-a-day anyway. She'll be getting a permanent cast in the afternoon. Tomorrow morning we'll be working out the fashion details. It's not easy to find shirts that will fit over a giant cast. Today, between Goodwill and JoAnn's I put these together. You can't really tell from the picture but almost all of them have some sparkle. When you're 8 that's really the most important part (at least in this house).

Managed to sew and write a review for this garment. I love the dress with a turtleneck but in my "virtual sewing" imagination I thought it would look about 100 times better all alone. Figured that I would be making many of these for all seasons. Not now. Not with that neckline.

Here's hoping everyone gets lots of sewing, or at least fabric-shopping done this week! My vacation days will be spent, catching up with all the days I've missed from school, sewing, eating, shopping - definitely not in that order!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Fran said...

Hope her recovery is speedy and without incident!

Salinda said...

I love that you made outfits that fit with her casts. How much fun!

Dana said...

Umm, sorry. I didn't make the shirts, they came from Goodwill. All I did was iron on some sparkly transfers. But it was done with lots of love!

Summerset said...

Goodness - I hope she'll recover quickly. The t-shirt are super cute and were very smart and quick for you.

Lindsay T said...

Ouch! That sounds like a bad fall. Glad to see you're holding up.