Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Failed Plan

Well, two posts in one week…what a treat! How am I able to post at 11:00 a.m. on a weekday, you ask? It’s because I’m home with a sick child, of course…for the second day this week!

Anyway, this post is about change. Since my rediscovery of PR and discovery of SWAP my sewing became all about the plan. I changed my method and quantity of sewing based on these discoveries. Last year I spent some time planning out a wardrobe that would follow all the pieces of the pattern, just in a different color scheme. Loved the pattern, loved the fabric. Only two pieces were cut out before spring arrived and the plan was put on hold. Then more things changed. My sewing schedule changed as my school job improved. My interest in SWAP changed; too much structure. (One reason I was able to move away from SWAP was because the garments I constructed with a plan have provided me with a very large coordinating wardrobe. Ironic, yes?) Everytime I looked at the cut garments for the new wardrobe I just groaned and looked away. Plus, they were black. I’m so sick of black. Even when I looked at the pattern cover I couldn’t get excited. I started making plans to use different patterns for the uncut fabrics.

A long introduction to explain why I hate the jacket I just finished. (Watch the PR sidebar for a review to come soon.) Before I list all the things that bother me, let me say that I don’t plan on donating it just yet. The season's almost over, I let it marinate for awhile.
The style – I am not a big fan of ¾ sleeves. Don’t like the wide style of these anymore. It looks and feels very boxy to me.
The length – I didn’t think the jacket would be as short as it turned out. Mine cannot be worn with a belt without looking way too short.
The color – Sick. Of. Black. (The reality is I will be making more black clothes, the color was just another strike against this project.)
The construction – it went along well until the collar application (operator error). It’s not the worst I’ve ever done and with a different outlook I could have done better, but it got to the point where I just wanted it done and I didn’t care how it looked.
The fit - It's much more fitted than I expected. Of course I didn't make a muslin.

Construction Tidbits
I used Judy Barlup’s article “Get The Edge” from Threads #147 for the front edges.
I cut my own shaped sleeve heads. I had been cutting just a straight strip until I read this. The shaped ones have noticeably improved my sleeve caps.
I used the sleeve lining method where the lining is attached at the hem before attaching the sleeves. Then I used bias binding (should’ve used a wider one) to enclose the seams. (Results are yuk.)
I finally have learned how to sew a button with no visible knots!
I had to use my regular machine to sew the buttonholes. That darn vintage buttonholer ARGH! I have to use the cover plate since I can’t drop the feed dogs but then there’s hardly any room for the fabric. Suggestions anyone?

Happy Sewing!


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I like that sleeve/lining treatment! What a cool idea.

gwensews said...

Sorry you were unhappy with your jacket. It looks nice in the photo.

Kristy said...

You might be unhappy with a few details, but I have to say that overall it looks great, it's very striking. Us sewists are too hard on ourselves sometimes (at least that what's everyone keeps telling me when I lament the small stuff!)The white shirt you've worn underneath is perfect for it - did you make that too?

Silknmore said...

I'm with Kristy - you look lovely in the jacket. If the sleeves are too boxy, could you narrow them? This jacket is too nice to toss.

念強 said...
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Sheila said...

I agree with the others the jacket looks good on you. I am also not a fan of 3/4 sleeves, but its good to have one.

又陽 said...
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