Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life and Some Sewing

In the past four weeks:

I did something to my back – 3 days of excruciating pain, 2 days of mild pain, recovery.
DD got sick (out two days)
I got sick (out one day)
DH got sick
DS got sick (out one day) – didn’t think it was strep but thought I should have him tested anyway since strep likes our family so much. After 2hrs 45 minutes at the “minute clinic” found out he couldn’t get the quick test because he’s had strep in the past 30 days. Have to have the 24hr test. By nighttime I’m convinced he’s okay and send him to school the next day only to get the results and find out he’s got strep. But I digress…
DS recovers
My back goes out again. I’ve been alternating between excruciating, bad, and maybe it’s going away over the past three days. Not happy. Hurts to type, hurts to sew, hurts to sleep, really hurts to drive, also hurts to stand. Yes, it’s been a great weekend.

In between all of this I’ve made two tops (Vogue 8616, the other is the same pattern in ivory) and a jacket that’s thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to completion.

Just the facing/hem intersection and buttonhole/buttons to go. At this point I just want to finish the jacket, which I hate by the way, so I can move on. (Look for at least one long post about the failure of the jacket!) I’m going to try one more time on that intersection; my instructions aren’t working tonight for some reason. Then I’ll be ready for another buttonholer rant. (There’s hardly any space to insert the fabric on my vintage machine without tearing into the fabric!!)

Gosh, that all sounds so negative - I'm really not unhappy :) It's almost spring for pete's sake! Hopefully the next post will be more about sewing. I got three vintage patterns in the mail this week. At least three of the four of us will (hopefully) be representing a different era for Easter!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Not negative just a reality post - I understand though...I've got the cold from hell that I tried to work through and now I'm out of work with it again!

gwensews said...

An unusual and terrific neckline on that top. Very nice. I hope your jacket is removed from your "hate" list when it's finished.

Sheila said...

Such a lovely blouse and hoping all are feeling better.

This winter has been brutal, I had a cold 3 weeks ago thought the cold medicine took care of that, the next week a hacking cough, so the doctor prescribed cough syrup with codene, another week a sinus infection, had to take antibiotics and last week can finally hear clearly- my ears were totally clogged and was prescribed steroids. Crossing fingers & toes that this week does not produce any ailments.