Friday, June 25, 2010

Barbie Love

Is this not cool? I rarely visit ToysRUs but today I happened to be there with my daughter (trying to spend a $5 gift card, right?) About eight years ago I sent a message to friends and family that my Barbie collection was complete and no matter how beautiful the new Barbie's were, you must not give one to me. It's only fitting that I'm the one who broke down.

I just thought this new edition was so unbelievably gorgeous. Black and white with a little bit of silver (in the accessories which I didn't buy...yet) thrown in. Take that you pink and purple shiny, fluffy stuff! I'm actually too lazy to find all the info about this doll so I'll just say there are about 20 different versions and the advertising implies that you will add new accessories for her every season.

My Barbie History

I'm a light-hearted collector. When I started making real-live grown-up money I started buying/receiving "collectors edition" dolls. Probably about the same time most of the baby-boomer population was doing the same (meaning they probably aren't worth that much because everybody has them). My collection has a "Little Debbie" edition, a Speigel edition, a Pocahontas edition (this was given to me by a dear friend that met the woman who was the voice for the Disney production of Pocahontas and so had her autograph the doll, but she signed it Pocahontas. Couldn't anybody have signed it that way?) And then there was this one. The last one. The doll that was so beautiful I couldn't possibly continue collecting after her...........until today.

I hate the fact that now you can hardly go in and buy an outfit because they are marketed to make you buy the whole doll instead of a single outfit. As a kid I loved shopping for outfits that were rarely purchased because they were too expensive. Besides, my mom sewed and knit several wardrobes for my, and my sister's dolls so buying clothes was hardly necessary. (I love those clothes now, but you know the store bought stuff always seemed nicer then.)

I have a love/hate relationship with these dolls. I love how beautiful and special they are. I hate the fact that I'm not supposed to take them out of the box and play with them. (In 7th grade I was the victim of an "I still play with Barbies too" scam which resulted in two new kindred-spirit-type friendships but was also rather humiliating. So believe me, if I could take them out and play, even at my age, I would.) With the exception of one fabulous "special" outfit and one Christmas doll (out of about 15), I have not taken them out their boxes. Promise. But it's killin' me. Seriously. They are stored in a closet where I can't see them just so I don't open then up. And now my daughter knows about them. How can I explain this foolish notion of collecting when I don't entirely believe in it?

Anyway. I new Barbie!!! I wonder what she would look like with her hair in small braids in an updo, or different shoes, or a custom designed dress? I wonder if she wants to live in my daughter's doll house and go for a ride in her pink convertible? I probably will never know.

Should probably mention that I have no affiliation with any big or little toy mfgs.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Oh we are such kindred souls...I too was humiliated in 7th grade about my addiction to playing with Barbie dolls! And I have a much smaller collection than you do...although a Barbie dream house and camper reside at my mother's house waiting for more space to become available at my own. If I had the space/time/money I would own a house like Demi Moore use to and just collect all things Barbie in it.

So can I come over and play? Cause either you're a Barbie girl or you're not!

Dana said...

I'm so there, Carolyn!

JustGail said...

I just recently got my Barbie from my Mom & Dad's house (they are trying to get some items cleared out). Like you, I always wanted the outfits, but "too expensive" was always the answer. I do have many of the clothes Mom made. Quite the trip down memory lane when I was sorting between my sister's and mine, and my niece's Barbie stuff.

The "new in box" part of collecting is a sad developement in toys as far as I'm concerned. They are meant to be played with and enjoyed. When I go to antique shows/shops and flea markets, it's not the shiny-new looking items that make me smile, it's the ones that show they've been enjoyed. Not neccessarily beaten up, just played with. If I were interested in Barbies, they'd be out of the boxes where I could see and enjoy them. Ack! it's beginning to read like a lecture. That's not what I intended!

Vicki said...

Sob, I never ever had a Barbie.....
Everyone else had them but not me :( Needless to say my DD had lots but she preferred Bratz dolls. She is 16 now and still has them all. I am tempted to buy myself my very first Barbie but I don't think I could keep it in a box..

Kathy said...

I never had a Barbie doll, I had a Midge doll, which I think back in the 50s was her best friend?! But I loved my barbies. That was my first sewing experience...making clothes for Midge.

dottedyellowline said...

I think I have to go get that Barbie. Now.
I was so excited when my daughter got to that "certain special age." But alas, she had no interest in Barbie, so I never got to get (her) a new Barbie house, or car, or anything.

And you know - if I haven't commented here before - really. I'm not some oddball Barbie freak. Sheesh.


Neecha Turner said...

OMG! I LOVE BARBIE! I had a collection of 26 Dolls limited editions, Avon special editions, the HOLIDAY COLLECTION are the BEST in my opinion. But when Katrina Hit I didn't grab them when we headed for the hills and I lost my precious Barbies. I haven't had the desire to start collecting again but YOU inspire me!