Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Randomness

Check out this link from Cleveland Plain Dealer - Would love to be a bridesmaid in this dress - just for the petticoat!

Who doesn't need a pair of cotton-candy pink, high-waisted, linen/cotton pants for the summer? Well, I thought I needed them. Then I made them. If the fit wasn't so fantastic they might be on their way to Goodwill as we speak. Here's a peek at the construction, the fit pix will have to come later.

This weekend I SEWED!!!! Saturday was a long dress for my daughter that I've been wanting to make for ages. The picture shows two version of the same pattern (see sidebar for review - thanks for all the lovely comments from some of my favorite bloggers). Today the white thread was loaded, the interfacing was applied and off I went working on three blouses (leftovers from last year) at once. They won't get finished today, but I am hopeful for this week.

I keep forgetting to post about this suit I made for a wardrobe contest (the year of monochromatic looks that included matching gloves) that I didn't finish on time. The jacket hung on my dress form for almost a year before I completed the hand work and the pants were a terrible fit; not worth trying to fix. After playing around with several different combinations I came up with one ab-fab outfit that I will wear whenever I need a confidence-booster. It makes me feel good and makes me hold my head just a little bit higher.
Life's still a bee, but at least I'm closer to my favorite pastime and might even find enough to time to pass there (get it?).

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