Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mind Is Not Willing

Finally I can breathe. Kids are gone during the day. Other personal baggage is lightening up. I have time to sew, but I don't know what to make. Oooooo, I hate that! I'm desperate to sew something just to make room so I can buy some more fabric. The last 3-1/2 things I've made are on their way out of the house. Hated them. (This includes the two sleeveless blouses I just made - yuk, hated them.) It's so bad I can't even think of what to plan. I put all my patterns and most of my fabrics in Picasa files, I've put together a little plan for summer but it's just not motivating me. Poop. I know you've all been there and might be there right now. Just wanted to vent.

I think I'm just going to have to write-off this as one of the worst, most unproductive summers ever and move on. I've only got three weeks left before the school year begins. (More uncertainty there too as I'm once again in a position where there's about a 50% chance I won't have the same school/position I had last year. It seems that although my district is supporting the arts all of the open positions so far have been for Art or Vocal Music. Guess Instrumental Music is too much work!) I mean, it's not like I won't have anything to wear...

Totally unrelated to sewing - My daughter is at an overnight camp this week (she went last year too) and I discovered the Bunk1 website. It's so cool! I can go on the site daily and see photo's of what the kids are doing at camp (like 200 photos!). And for a fee I can type up a message, they print it and deliver it to her the next morning. I'm terrible at writing letters and even worse at making sure they get mailed.


P.S. DD doesn't know it but I'm totally purging her wardrobe while she's gone. Seriously, the child is 9 and still has garments that are size 6! And she wears them! I don't realize it until I look at her think she may be putting on weight. Duh, no, it's a t-shirt from when she was 6!!

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