Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heavy Sigh

I've lost my momentum. I've been trying to sew at least one garment every weekend that my kids spend with X but I don't think I'm going to make it this time. This weekend the schedule was interrupted. Not a major interruption, but not what I was anticipating.

In addition, my planned project was a gray pair of pants but I ran into a pattern glitch. Two? years ago I made this suit.
The jacket is great, the pants are horrible. Ever since then I've been looking for a suitable fabric to replace the pants and finally found one. But Friday night I got out the pattern to sew a muslin, and....the pants pattern was uncut! What? I can't remember what pants pattern I used for the ones that fit so bad. No biggy, right? I should just cut out the original pants and try the new fitting technique. Well, then I started thinking about those narrow legs. Will I really wear them with anything besides the jacket or should I pick out a different pants pattern?

So here I sit. The evening is almost gone. Do I pick a different pattern and muslin it? Do I chuck my plan and make a dress for DD? Do I input my grades so I can sew tomorrow? Do I go back down to DS's room and finish hanging the new curtain rods? Do leave my sanctuary, put my heaviest sweatshirt on, and spend the evening doing laundry in the freezing basement? (You're right, there's no chance that last one is going to happen!) Well, one thing is certain, if I don't get off the computer none of the above is going to happen!

More later!

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Gail said...

Do you subscribe to Burda magazines? I've just made a pair of narrow leg trousers that would work under your suit, but are quite versatile. Your jacket is great - deserves some trousers to match.