Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let the New Year Begin!

This has been the most sewing/blogging-productive weekend ever! I already have another post ready that's just waiting for pictures. Yay me!

I spent New Year's eve planning. I was going to sew but the sewing part of my brain has been so confused lately there was only one thing that I could do: PLAN. :) I did some serious purging that resulted in this:
Since one of my Christmas presents was fabric, I must make room and if I don't have time to sew it, I will purge! I loved you once, but it turned into like and then, eh. So, buh bye.

After that I tried to visualize a wardrobe. Well, additions to my current wardrobe. Since current wardrobe is black, gray, purple, and royal blue separates (mostly skirts and pants) and I've kept that in mind when buying fabric, it wasn't too hard to put together.
Here are the miscellaneous, I just need them, pieces.
The knit will be a skirt and top and will match the navy blues I plan on adding eventually. The red plaid is for a short fitted jacket to be worn with a white blouse and jeans ala Coldwater Creek (Ever notice how they put almost everything with a white blouse? Call me square, but I love that!)

Here are the main pieces
I added the picture to Powerpoint then added pattern pix and voile!

Every time I see a new way to create a wardrobe plan, I give it a try. But this year I decided this is what works for me. One of the reasons it works is because I did that whole add-your-patterns-to-the-computer thing last year. I didn't think I would like it, but it's really fun just to hop over to the computer and see my whole collection at once. Next, all I had to do was prioritize and load things into their "production" drawers.
Let the sewing year begin!


SEWN said...

Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing all your new projects!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Don't you love it when you have a sewing plan so that when the urge strikes you can just pick up something and sew? You look like you are set and ready to go!

Dana said...

Right you are Carolyn! I think the lack of direction has been one of my biggest obstacles.

Leslie said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my Curly Crafter blog! I really didn't think anyone would notice I was back, or even gone last year. You made my day.

And I love your idea of a sewing plan! I set my goals this year to sew various things for myself (a dress, a skirt, etc.) but nothing as specific as your plan and I think having even more of a plan would help me a lot - I just might try that out!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I love a good sewing plan. It's the following up that's my problem, LOL!