Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where Exactly Does Time Go?

How is it that I thought I'd missed about three weeks of blogging but it turned out to be two months, and that turned into four months?? I have been sticking to my every-other weekend sewing, but haven't worked in the time to blog. I've decided to write everything down and give it to you in pieces, well, I'm going to try anyway. (We'll see how that goes...I started with this plan in March and I'm only able to finish it now because spring break finally arrived!)

At last, it's the gray pants to go with the gray to with the jacket made over a year ago - yay! I used the pants-fitting webcast at Silhouette Patterns to fit my muslin for these and I'm very pleased with the result. I took my hip measurement while I was sitting down and transferred that measurement to the pattern. I also took the pocket pattern from Simplicity 2700 (best pockets ever designed, imho) and adjusted the pattern to include pockets. The original pants go to the waist but I planned on using the waistband from 2700 too so I just estimated where I wanted that seam to be placed. Here are the glamorous fitting pix.

The finished garment is one of the best-fitting pair of pants I own. I know those drag lines in the back look bad but I don't care! That will get fixed with the next pair I make. I didn't make a single adjustment to the crotch area. Instead, while fitting I pulled them up until they felt comfortable and then pinned everything so they would stay that way. Until I see some other (as far as I know I've tried just about every other way possible including computer software) method I'll be using this one for all future pants. Period. Here's the inspiration (from Akris Fall 08, pic from and my completed version, gloves and all.
The pants fabric is an unbelievably soft wool purchased in November from my old friend SR Harris in Minneapolis, the jacket is a wool denim from the now extinct Cutting Room Fabrics. This is one of the few times I've sewn both pieces of a pattern and I'm really pleased with the result. I'm a sucker for a longer jacket and I really like the narrow but not too narrow pants.

Off to work on a little something for Easter (didn't realize the patterns was for knits until yesterday. Mine is a cotton. Wish me luck!)


RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Your outfit is tres chic! Classic and timeless.

Gail said...

Well done on a perfect pants fit. They are a very elegant shape and work well with your jacket.