Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pattern: Vogue 8633
Cotton, from Janie’s Sewing Corner in Cleveland. I noticed just before I cut this out that the pattern is for knit fabrics so I went up a size but just ended up taking it back in again. If you're going to do the same, I suggest making a muslin first just to be sure.
Pattern Design Adjustments: none
Fitting Adjustments: Most alterations are shown with orange pattern paper. Construction notes: I sewed the skirt using the lining as underlining technique. I fused interfacing on the entire bodice. Changed the bodice lining construction by enclosing the armholes before following the pattern instructions.
App. Prep time: 5 hours for fitting adjustments, muslin, transferring adjustments, cutting fabric, lining, interfacing, and applying interfacing.
App. Sewing time: 5 hours
Real-life time: 3 Days
I'm made this while on spring break and was able to dedicate some serious daytime sewing to get it done in less than 2 weeks.
Goes with: Green duster from New Look 6518
Miss Alaney:
Hahaha! - see it? It's the attack of the pins! This time I sewed right over one with my zoom zoom (industrial straight-stitch). The machine didn't even slow down! I only noticed it because it sounded funny. So, add about 15 min. of real-life time while I tried to get it out without cutting the thread.

Also, my kids got these fun nerf-type pop guns and we were all playing while waiting to go to lunch at a really nice restaurant but one of the balls got lost. About four hours later when I changed into my "relaxing" clothes guess who found the missing ball? It was secretly hiding in my cleavage all afternoon. If you didn't notice on the pattern adjustments, I raised the depth of that V by about an inch. Apparently there was still enough room for a small ball to hop on in!!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This is such a pretty dress! I'm gonna have to look closer at that full abdomen adjustment. I'm sure it's something I should be incorporating into my fitting skills reportoire. To bring this back to do look amazing in this dress!

Vicki said...

Great job. Fits beautifully. I like the bias middle too. I know what you mean about fitting taking a long time! I have just spent 4 days fitting a jacket...and I haven't even started sewing yet. lol.

Laura SJ said...

Beautiful dress...I admire the fitting adustments you made. They worked beautifully.
Funny about the nerf ball...did you tell your kids where you found it?

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Wowza! You look great. Thanks for sharing the fitting adjustments you made. I too, just realize this is suppose to be for a knit. I already have my fabric set aside. It's a woven. I guess this is the one time I'll make a muslin.


patsijean said...

I really like the dress, the fabric and the color. The neckline is great and I have always liked that type of neckline, but not on me as my neck is on the short side. Well, I am too.

Gail said...

Stunning dress. I'd love this with sleeves for winter (downunder).

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oooh, so pretty! As soon as I can stop the bike trip sewing this is high on the list.

I'd love more info on the protruding tummy adjustment if ever feel the urge. This is one I've considered a few times but never worked out.