Saturday, April 23, 2011


In an effort to increase my blog activity without losing hours of possible sewing time, I'm going to try and just give the facts.

Pattern: Vogue 8601
Fabric: Wool denim
Pattern Design Adjustments: None. I made the one-button version (view DE)
Fitting Adjustments: Alterations are shown where you see orange pattern paper.
Construction notes: Bagged the lining, added sleeve heads, used Steam-A-Seam at the back vent (instead of under stitching) to control the lining from rolling out.
App. Prep time: Didn't really track it this time. But I did make a muslin so maybe around 4 hours.
App. Sewing time: (totally guessing) 10 hours
Real-life time: Most of the jacket was complete after a Saturday sewing marathon. The finishing parts - closing up the lining, adding the button, attaching the shoulder pad, and then opening up the lining and doing it again (see Miss Alaney) were done in a couple of evenings over the next two weeks.
Goes with: Black, dark gray, purple (yes, purple) wool pants and black wool skirt. On top - well, it's all about the turtleneck for me and I've got black, dark gray, and purple of those too!
Miss Alaney: See the pin poking out of the sleeve head? Well, I didn't. Not until the jacket was complete - hence the need to open up the lining!

New notion that I think I love! It's chalk in pencil form. It goes on so easy with very little pressure and most of the color can be rubbed out. I picked up the last one at Janie's Sewing Corner a couple of weeks ago. I'll try and remember to update if it works any better/worse than my first impressions.


meredithp said...

Very sharp looking jacket. Thanks for all the details about what you did...including the pin removal. Sigh! That's when I have to put the project down for a few days and collect my thoughts. :-)

As always, seeing this pattern made up, in real life, makes me want to add it to my "wish list". Otherwise, I would have passed it by for sure. Thanks!

Nancy W. said...

This unique style looks good on you. Obviously, very well made - even with the pin! I have found pins in garments when I was wearing them! This fabric looks very nice and perfect for this jacket.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I just thought I'd let you know that you are very on trend with your beautiful purple jacket! Love it!

Vicki said...


Gail said...

Very stylish indeed. I love purple worn with greys and black.

West Coast Boomer said...

This jacket looks so much better in real life than the Vogue pattern. Love it.

Susan said...

What a gorgeous jacket in a wonderful color!