Just Patterns

It's been a long time since I've even browsed my favorite vintage patterns sites. But last week the sales were too good and I couldn't resist just a glimpse. Well, more than just a glimpse.
I'll use some fun florals for the dresses. The coat, well, I thought I'd be using some fabric from my stash until I saw that View 2 takes 5 yards of 60" wide fabric. May have to rethink that plan!

And, the one I absolutely don't need but had to have.

I liked the shape of the coat but what really sold me was the line drawing. This will be the "You expect me to lift that? Not." coat. Those sleeves were meant to be worn in one position only - down. I'm going to channel my inner Patsy Stone when I wear this one!

I seem to be collecting these shorts-under-skirts patterns but wonder if I dare wear them.

In the summer I want to look put together and love wearing a comfortable dress, but I want to be able to jump on my bike and ride with my kids too. So, I'm looking at these from a practical standpoint. The questions is, am I too old for this style? I know the answer. I'm just trying to find a way to make them work! Any suggestions?

FYI - There are an overwhelmingly number of great vintage pattern resources. I just stick to these three because I'm a creature of habit ;) LanetzLiving, Momspatterns, and Out Of the Ashes Collectibles.


Alexandra said…
Nice patterns. I love the look of kimono sleeves on coats. I'll be checking back often to see how yours turns out.
Gail said…
Love the coat pattern. And I'm sure I once owned the striped jumpsuit pattern. I made something like it in the 70s.
milano said…
Nice pattern! Shape of the coat is really very good and I also love wearing a comfortable dress. Thanks very much for sharing such beautiful post.
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