Friday, June 17, 2011

Teeny, Tiny, Shorts

You will NEVER see me model these! As I've mentioned before, I want shorts to wear under my summer skirts/dresses and that's the only reason I made these - purely functional. Two years ago I had the original idea (shorts under summer skirts) to make some and ended up with these baggy, ugly, and really uncomfortable shorts. They were so big and baggy in fact, that I deconstructed them and reconstructed them with my new pattern.
Pattern: I got the pattern from these spandex RTW shorts using the duct tape method.
To preserve the finished duct tape pattern I attached them to pattern paper (I use the thin vinyl made for covering banquet tables in orange).

Fabric: Cotton/lycra single knit, pretty sure it was from JoAnn’s.
Construction notes: There's a gusset in the crotch(snicker, snicker)! Maybe this is standard on workout clothes - um, I wouldn't know - but I thought it was pretty funny especially when I ran out of fabric on the green pair and had to use black for the gusset - hahaha!
I used the fastest, I-don't-care-what-it-looks-like construction. The thread only matches two pair because I didn't want to take the time to change it.

I really like the waistband - a new technique, yipee! Here's my version of what the RTW construction, sans coverstitch.
Once the elastic was stretched and stitched on (cut only slightly smaller than the actual fabric length) I just folded the waistband in half and stitched to the shorts. If you look closely at the picture you can see that I put the yellow waistband on in reverse - inside is out. Oh well.
Pattern and cutting prep time: 20 min. to tape the RTW shorts and create the pattern. Another 50 min. to deconstruct previous shorts (yellow and green), ugh. Cutting new pattern assembly style (4 pair) 20 min.
App. Sewing time: Assembly style 1 hour. Well, it probably would have been done in an hour if my machine hadn't frozen up.
Real-life time: About two months from the time I came up with the idea and when I actually finished them. It just became one of those low-priority projects. I've known I wouldn't need the shorts until summer and I don't really like making the same exact thing over and over. In other
Goes with: All the new summer skirts and dresses I'm going to make this weekend - HA!

Thanks for the well-wishes for my son. After visiting the pediatrician, he was given the okay to at least play catch - whew!


Gail said...

I'll have to take a look at your pattern making method. My daughter wears shorts under her school uniform in summer. Her current stock are pretty threadbare.

profile said...

are the duct tape not removed after sewing?

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