Okay, so there's is this really cool vintage shop that I drive by everyday on my way to work. Over the past 10 years I've probably only been in three times. So, I know what's behind the uber-cool display windows (I'm linking to this blog and their, apparently overlooked FB page, because their website just doesn't do it justice.). Today I made visit number four because I'm sort of looking for a cool Mad Men-like couch. I could kick myself because I didn't pull out my phone and take some pictures. You know how sometimes you go to a vintage shop and you turn a corner and there's this little closet-sized room filled with vintage clothing, purses, shoes and hats? Well, this place has about 20 of those little rooms.

Because my daughter was at my side reminding me how "boring" this was I was forced to resist more than a glance at everything...except the four small boxes of vintage patterns. I couldn't believe that I found one of the vintage patterns that I have been lusting after for three years. Ironically, when I first saw this pattern online I didn't buy it because it wasn't my size. Well, neither is the one I bought today but, I don't care! Look at that collar, that collar and those sleeves! Did you notice the shape of the armscye? This is one of those patterns that just has "me" written all over it. IMHO, this is contest worthy. I'm going to PR to find out when the next vintage contest begins!

Did you notice that little sticker on the envelope flap? This is the second pattern I have in my collection from The Higbee Department Store. Higbee's is the store that is featured in the movie The Christmas Story and was also my very first employer during high school (out in the suburbs, not the downtown one you see in the movie). I still remember the few times I worked in the fabric department and one of the older sales clerks shook the ultrasuede and explained to me that it sounds that way because it has rubber in it. (I don't know if that's true, but I don't care. It's a very special memory of mine along with running the fabric through that measuring thingy.)

If only I didn't have to spend the next week getting ready for my real-life paying job...ahh such is life. I shall use whatever time I have to daydream thinking of the perfect fabric for this blouse.


lhutch said…
Oh that is a gorgeous blouse. I remember the little measurement thingey from my childhood. It measured, then clipped the fabric. The clerk then tore the fabric, & it was on grain. Not like today when you may lose severral inches straigthening the fabric.
. The pattern is absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to see yours made up. Going to add this pattern to my lust list.
Gail said…
Love the waist darts and three quarter sleeved version. Why do our daughter's find our interests 'boring'. Having said that both my girls love vintage stores - I drag them out.
What a great find! I got some cute buttons a couple weeks ago, but no patterns alas.
Rebecca Grace said…
I am so intrigued by the line drawings on the back of this pattern envelope (thanks for showing them). It looks like this shirt is blousy above the waist, but fitted with darts at the waistline and below, where it would tuck into a skirt or slacks. I hate tucking most shirts in with a fitted skirt because you have all that bulky fabric crammed in and it makes your skirt all bumpy. I'm looking forward to seeing this when you get the chance to sew it!
lovesthe80s said…
Hey thanks for the shout-out! Love the pics of vintage patterns becoming a reality! Sorry I didn't see this earlier- hope to see you in the store to check out our Christmas displays..

Thanks again,
Flowerchild (loves the 80s!)