Calling 1990 . . . Are you there?

Some Vogue Designer pattern, sorry I can't remember #
I finally switched my closet from summer to winter last week. As usual this is a weeding out process and there are always a few garments I cling to. Honestly, I'd only been hanging on to this one because I thought it turned out really well, great welts and great sleeve caps. Those pretty much sum up a well-made jacket to me. I made this while I lived in Minneapolis and must have bought the fabric from my former employer, the long-gone Northwest Fabrics. I mention this only because I bought a lot! Enough to make two jackets (one using method I read about in Threads on converting a set-in sleeve to a sleeve with a gusset. Can't find the first issue that showed this but it is shown again in issue 94), a skirt, and a pair of pants. This is all that's left of that wardrobe and it was on it's way out the door until I tried it on. I was absolutely certain that it would never fit my now "mature" body...but it did! And then I started to think about how nice it would look with some of my gray pieces. And then I thought about how I have this gray and pink shirt that it matches...and this great necklace...

So, now what? Those shoulders are huge! My only choice is to alter them. Open the lining, take out the shoulder pad, lower the sleeve cap, reduce the shoulder slope, re-attach the sleeves, re-attach new shoulder pads, close up the lining. That is a lot of work and I hate alterations. I always tell people that I hate them so much that if I have a broken zipper, I'll make a new skirt/pants instead of replacing the zipper.

Well, at this point it has made the journey out of the close and up to the sewing table. And I do have a few extra days at home this week for Thanksgiving... we'll see what happens.

Just one more thing...

Another garment - yay! (See sidebar and click on the pic to read the review.) I really love the result and especially love the fabric. I orginally ordered it from Gorgeous Fabrics to go with a little SWAP experiment in ... 2008! Jeesh, am I ever behind. This pattern suits it so much better than my original idea. The "artsy" vibe is a little out of my comfort zone but...I guess it's good to step out of the zone sometimes!


Marie-Noëlle said…
Lucky girl, I wish the clothes I wore in the 90s still fit me. This has no chance to happen.
I am not on the artsy side and I love the cape on you. I think it depends what you are wearing it with.
I'm with you on the alterations. But that's such a great fitting jacket, it just may be worth the effort. I just pulled out my copy of that Vogue pattern. Your jacket looks great. I'll spend the holiday rooting through my stash to find the perfect fabric. I do have some teal boucle....I wonder if mudcloth would be too much?
I like the artsy-funky cape. It looks so cozy! I know what you mean about both not wanting to let go of well-sewn but unfashionable garments, as well as preferring to start from scratch than do alterations.