Still Here

And still sewing! I'd love to share all the little interruptions that have prevented me from posting for hmmmm...3 months(?), but really it's just life... busy, crazy life.

On to the sewing. Let's start with McCall's 6395. See that? It's a current pattern! I really thought I'd be the first to review this on PR, but looks like I'm just a few weeks late for that. The complete review is here; the personal comentary is Here!

In that never-ending quest to sew a perfect garment every time, I'd been reading the Real Fit for Real People book. I picked up on two items while reading, 1) press your patterns before you cut (of course, I knew I should do this all the time, but I hate it - it takes more time and you can't see the factory fold lines to fold it perfectly back in the envelope - which I actually love to do), and 2) maintain the design ease into your garment in addition to fitting alterations.

I will explain what I did with the understanding that I don't know why I did it on this particular garment. To me, the fit on the model shown on the pattern envelope isn't particularly flattering, especially the neckline. If that's due to the design ease, why the heck would I want to duplicate it? I don't know. But I did it anyway.

First, I compared the bust/waist/hip measurements on the envelope to those same measurements on the pattern and determined that this was the fitting and design ease. Next, I made the fitting alterations for my body in these areas. Lastly, I added the "ease" measurement after my alterations. The result was a big garment. The bust darts seemed huge! I went back and took in a total of 3" from the hip and waist, and about 2" from the bust area - all done in the side seam. I still hate the bust darts. They feel like two gigantic arrows. Oh well, I'll continue to wear it...this year ;)

That's all for now. I've got more garment pictures just waiting for the words to go with them!

Thanks for stopping by - can't believe I've actually got a few new followers (big smiley face that I'm too lazy to insert)!


I'm working on the same dress and I omitted the neckline because I thought it looked wonky on the pattern envelope too. Love the red, it's cheerful and the fit of the dress looks great in your pics!
LauraM said…
I really like the dress, thinking about adding it to my list of must haves. As far as ease, I think much of it is personal preference. I choose what size to make more on the finished garment measurements than on the size measurements. I know approximately how much ease I feel comfortable with on certain garments; and different garments & fabrics needs different ease amounts. I guess some times I change the original design idea by making it in my ease preference. I really do like the dress!!
Gail said…
The dress looks very wearable, but I can see what you mean about the bust darts. I never use the pattern measurements anymore. There is simply too much ease - when they occasionally publish the finished garment measure you'll see there is about 9 inces ease in some garments..ridiculous?! Tissue fit and do a FBA if you need too.
Marie-NoĆ«lle said…
I love a red dress and the style of yours is very attractive.
I am always a little stumped by design ease--you'd think by now I'd know how much is attractive on me but I still don't! Love the color you chose here and the pockets on the drop waist are such a great touch.
Unknown said…
I love this dress on you.