Monday, August 6, 2012

Picture Tells It All

Just in case you don't recognize it, this is my cutting my sewing area...where I used to sew. Someday, when my boot is off (from June's broken foot)...and my attic walls and ceiling are close to perfect...I hope to sew again.


marysews said...

Ah-Hah! Good ol' Flat Surface Syndrome. Like the tides, it comes and goes.

SueV said...

oh, i broke my foot in may, and it took 13 weeks to get the boot off; 10 weeks before I could put weight on it; and I'm still limping around with an ugly "supportive" sandal. You have my sympathies! Who knew a broken foot could create such havoc! doc said it takes a total of about 6 months! I do sew though - left footed and on a chair that rolled around my sewing room, but now that I can walk, it's too hot to sew upstairs. Ah, but I can now drive .... to the beach!