Monday, May 30, 2016

Sewing...actual sewing stuff

Despite the lack of posts on this blog I have actually managed to about 1/50th my usual pace. I apologize for the disorganized post, but I need to show you, and prove to me, that I have actually done some sewing.

Toward the end of last summer I made this lovely dress from one of my vintage patterns. Shortly after I cut it out, I hand basted the the pleated skirt because sometimes hand sewing is like therapy. Then, I put it all together as soon as I had some quality sewing time (probably a month later). Because it was the end of summer it hasn't been out in public much. I'm sure that will change as soon as our average daily temperature is in the upper 70's.

I sure thought I had the whole center front pattern-match thing worked out during my cutting session but turns out I was matching "fold lines" instead of "CF" lines. Made me sad but most people will never know and it's just a fun comfortable dress for the summer. I'm sure my soon-to-be 14-year old son will love having mom cheer him on at his baseball games wearing a vintage floral dress. (The last time I put on a vintage dress to watch his game about five years ago, he asked me to change clothes.) Too bad. This is my favorite kind of summer outfit - comfortable, cool, and fun.

This winter I made these fun culottes and was shocked at how nice they turned out. I LOVE this fabric and used some of it to make a top that I haven't worn yet because the neckline slit sits weird. But these culottes are great! Really fun to wear and several compliments from my high school students.

I realized that once again in January that I'd put on weight . Stupid stress. Stupid teacher-bashing. Stupid putting 300 students on my roster instead of 130. Last year I made a secret pact to wear jeans everyday because of my work stress (I didn't want to take the time to think about clothes, too many lesson plans and student interventions on my mind). This year I didn't have a choice because nothing else fit. Realistically this has happened the last three years, putting on winter weight that is. So, I'm confident it will come off this summer but what to do in the mean time? I decided to take a deep breath, cut a larger size, and embrace the elastic waistband. The first project was a plain tan linen skirt from this pattern.

The second project was an orange, VERY scratchy but beautifully sewn linen blouse. Happy with both of them but the blouse is seeing more action than the skirt.

I've also made a slouchy black cardigan (cut off about 6" of length that in hindsight was probably a mistake),

a skirt, a supposed-to-be classic b/w striped boat neck t-shirt,

 a rayon challis midi skirt,

and kooky-cool 60's cocoon dress (cut about 3" off original length).

For me, teaching ended Friday. In my entire life I have never been so exhausted. At this point I don't know where (which school in my district) or what I will teach next year and may not know until 10 days before school starts. This summer I will do every activity possible to relax and I will do it with a vengeance! That includes sewing and blogging about it. :)

Remember this girl?

She's all grown up and spending the next school year in...FRANCE!! AHHH!!

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Catherine p said...

Hope you enjoy your summer off and get to really relax.