Saturday, May 28, 2016

There Are Tears On My Silk

Crying big fat silky crocodile tears over here. Just sat down to work on two different dark blue tops in my I-can-do-this-and-wear-one-tomorrow mood. With my pieces pinned and ready to rev up the machine, I started counting, 2 sleeves, 2 backs, 1 front. !!!?????!!! ONE FRONT?? It's a crossover top that definitely needs another side. Booohooo.

The silk/lycra fabric is probably older than my son (13yr). I think I cut it out over a year ago. There are definitely no scraps. It is a sad day.

Oh well, on to the other top. It may not be silk but it does have all it's pieces.

1 comment:

LynneSews said...

What about a contrast for the under lap of the wrap ? That might be cool looking?