Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Better Than Sweats!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this pattern!

Even though I look like this...

...I feel like this

...and I am in heaven, sigh.

I love robes, at least the idea of robes. I've had summer robes, flannel robes, and fuzzy fleecey robes. But they never cover me completely and the stupid tie-belt doesn't do its job. Enter V9232 with a zipper, lots of room, and TWO pockets. My dream robe.


A robe for three generations 😊.

For years my end-of-the-day outfit has been pj's, stretchy pants, and an over-sized hoodie. No more. From now on it's robe and pjs or maybe just robe (gasp!). Who cares? I can still wander in the backyard with the dog or have a early morning/late day conversation with a fully dressed neighbor and I won't be embarrassed! Yay! (FYI: this happened to me twice last summer when my single, male neighbor caught me in the backyard only in my pj's and started up a conversation - gulp. Sure would have talked longer if I wasn't trying to hide the fact that I felt fully exposed in my pj's - double gasp!!)

As for sewing, I made one for my mom and daughter for Christmas and both were equally thrilled and surprised. SUCCESS! (Funny that my mom didn't get surprised until I said I made it! She's used to getting a box of fabric with a pattern for a me-made present. hahaha! She knows me well.) I scoured JoAnn's first - hated the selection but loved the idea of walking into a store and bringing home fabric that day. Unfortunately (but not really a surprise), they didn't have what I wanted. Enter FabricMart. I purchased all three fabrics in one order with a spectacular discount.

I sewed the gift robes the week before Christmas while my school was still in session. This means it was done fast. No fitting and after hours of swearing at my serger/coverstitch, it also meant no seam finishes and fuzz, lots and lots of fuzz. Yellow fuzz was okay, but the purple fuzz (DD's robe) needed to disappear fast.

There's a whole long story about ordering and waiting for zippers but the bottom line is that this is a really easy, super-comfortable, super-functional, and quick garment to put together. Mine turned out better than the gifts because I wasn't watching the clock. Next time I will put a longer zipper in because I really just want to unzip and have it fall off my shoulders at the end of the day. Maybe I'll do that in my summer version...hmmmm...seersucker?, a nice cotton print?...printed cotton interlock?...


Robin said...

Great job! Now you can talk to your single neighbor--on purpose--lol. Love those types of robes. My mom had many when I was a kid. I thought she looked like a movie star. Another blogger was making up something similar from a vintage robe/caftan-ish pattern. I am really leaning toward making a few of these myself.

theresa said...

Good job on the robes. I bought that pattern this fall as well and made it up in Dec in sweatshirt fleece. Instead of the collar I copied a hood from an old sweatshirt, made the pockets a bit bigger, and put them on the inside with a zipper through the robe outside for access.

Theresa in Tucson

Audrey said...

I too am a big fan of zip up robes. Yours looks wonderfully cozy. And what a great gift idea.