I'm IN...again

2018 Mini Wardrobe

Gonna give this another try thanks to this fabulous inspiration fabric from stylemakerfabrics.

Orchid Floral Jacquard Navy/Blush - Fabric - Style Maker Fabrics

Crossing my fingers that life and work drama will lay low until October so I can meet the deadline this time. 😄


I really do hope that you get a wardrobe sewn this time, too!
Dana said…
Thanks Carolyn! I got so much mileage out of my last contest wardrobe. Even though I missed the deadline I was able to keep adding pieces that worked with the core garments. = Motivation!
Sharon said…
I'm also hoping you'll be able to get your planned wardrobe sewn!
Faye Lewis said…
My fingers are crossed for you. That is a beautiful print!
Faye Lewis said…
Keeping my fingers crossed for you. That is a beautiful print!
Dana said…
Thanks Sharon! Looking good so far.