Friday, March 7, 2008

Fall/Winter Summary

I've been having so much fun getting dressed! As I move closer and closer to understanding the real and true meaning of SWAP my wardrobe just looks better and better (IMHO). When I started planning this fall I created a wonderful spreadsheet to track my progress, well it really helped me when I was shopping too. That spreadsheet is 75% complete. Wow. Here's a picture to give you an idea of what I've done.

What you can't see:
Three of the incomplete items are wardrobe staples! A black skirt, jacket, and pants. How can you possibly get by without these? And no, I don't have an outdated replacement that I've been wearing. No black basics - yikes.

Two of the unfinished items are charmeuse blouses. You know, the ones that were everywhere this fall with bows at the neck? You won't believe it, but I just couldn't find the right pattern! (That and the extra care that charmeuse requires.) Well, I finally found the perfect pattern in my last batch of vintage patterns but at this point who knows if they'll get done. Because....

Spring is on it's way! (Eventually. We're in the middle of a major blizzard this weekend.) I got my Gorgeous Fabrics delivered yesterday. The colors matched exactly what I saw on my screen, hurray! Oh yea, this spring SWAP is coming together nicely.

I've got some nice tan and white linens too. Can you see the possibilities? If you're into sewing enough to be reading this, I know you can :) !


Adrienne said...

LOL yes I can!! Everything looks great! Love that black and white fabric!

Paula said...

That is amazing progress. Your wardrobe looks fantastic.

Sigrid said...

Great wardrobe. And I especially love the fabrics in the last picture. spring!

CharityinAlaska said...

I LOVE wardrobe spreadsheets! And you're right it does make dressing fun when you have this many options. I've always loved the whole concept of mix and match and you've taken it to new heights. :) I enjoyed your post.


Kay said...

Dana, I'm very impressed by that worksheet that you have. Easy to track progress. Is it ok to request if you could post a bigger picture of the worksheet please?