Friday, April 3, 2009

Sewing Drought

Usually when I hear the comment, “You sew? I have this pair of pants that need to be altered…”, my response is something like, “If my pants don’t fit, I make a new pair of pants.” I hate repairs or alterations of any kind – hems, zippers, waistbands, mending. AND patches. So you’ll understand why I’m not that excited about this week’s sewing.

He runs, he falls, he puts holes in his pants.

I don’t really remember what the last garment was that I made, but Easter is coming and I know what I’ll be working on this weekend!

I’ve cut it out of a white cotton pique and at the time the Little Miss was exited and wanted a dress “just like the white one” on the envelope. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there aren’t “a thousand stitches” on the inside that might force her to wear the 100% polyester chiffon hand-me-down hanging in her closet!

Just have to include this kid shot - it was mohawk afternoon at our house a couple of weeks ago. Yea I know, to you and me they may not look like a true mohawk - but it was close enough for a few "rock-n-roll" faces. Oh look, it's the100% polyester chiffon hand-me-down-better-not-be-Easter dress!


gwensews said...

Mending is a pain. Kids require it though. The dress pattern is wonderful. Hope your daughter loves it!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That pile of jeans is quite amusing. The sailor dress will be darling!

Robyn said...

I HATE fixing/altering clothes. The most I can tolerate is hemming a pair of pants for myself, because at least I get something out of it. I get so annoyed when people want me to do things like that for them.

Tina said...

People are really offended when I tell them that they couldn't afford me for their alterations. I get really offended when they think my time is worth slave wages. So it all balances out I think.