Pattern: Vogue 8287 (OOP but still on their site) shown here with the Vogue 2886 gray pants and before I added the buttons.
Fabric: Cotton shirting from Janie's Sewing Corner
Pattern Adjustments: View A without the sash.
Fitting Adjustments: Full bust adj., added width to upper arm, added length to the sleeve (3/4")
Construction notes: Followed the pattern instructions except for the cuff. Since it's almost a french cuff, I didn't bother to turn under the seam allowance on the inside. I just stitched them together and serged the SA - nobody will know except me...and now you.

This blouse is so easy to make! If you haven't made many or have a fear of making blouses, I highly recommend this pattern. You have to be careful when attaching the collar but everything else is a breeze!
App. Prep time: 20 min. I've made this before and just made a few minor fitting adjustments before cutting out.
App. Sewing time: 2-1/2 hours (guessing)
Real-life sewing time: 3-4 hours without kids.
Goes with my: Gray, and black skirts and gray, black, and tan pants. Do you sense a theme?
Miss Alaney: I've made this one waaaaay too many times. This is #3.
I'm in a rut with my blouses and even though I have many blouse patterns I go to the same two patterns each time. This Vogue and New Look 6783 (OOP). Will try to break out of my rut. I have over 20 blouse patterns, for pete's sake!

P.S. I joined a sew-along for the first time ever (that I can remember, anyway)!
I'm so excited about this one; learning the real RTW techniques. I'm way behind in every step but I can't wait to really tackle the jacket. As a matter of fact, I'm supposed to be making my pattern adjustments right now! My jacket is going to be a boring old basic black jacket but something I desperately need in my closet. I have two black jackets already but they're not basic and can't be thrown on over just anything. This one will fill that void. Even if you don't make a jacket, you should join and read through the instructions you might find something you've never seen before - I did!

I'm getting drawn back in. For months I've been able to resist my favorite vintage pattern websites...but tonight I caved. This is not good, not good at all.


Ann Made Studio said…
Your blouses are lovely. When you find patterns that can start up the sewing mojo that is a really good thing :)

You will have fun with the RTW sew-a-long. I joined a coat sew-a-long a while back and there was a lot of skilled people and "lots" of great information.
Vicki said…
Nice blouse! I jointed the RTW jacket sew along too. I am up to the pockets. so way behind too. It took me so long to get a decent fit and then to put the pattern on thicker paper. Oh well, I have chosen a very fitted classic pattern, so it will become a TNT.
This is soooooo lovely! I'm a huge fan of paisley and just love this blouse!
Eugenia said…
Your blouse is gorgeous - I can't believe you made something this lovely so quickly!
Gail said…
Fabulous blouse - I love the classic lines. While you've used the pattern several times, they all love different. If you are looking for new blouse patterns, check out my blog. I've been doing a run of blouses.
Beautiful blouse! That is the way TNTs are supposed to work--they look great every time but can be changed up with fabric and details.