Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where To Start...

As in, I've been so busy and wanted to blog about so many things that I don't know where to start! Well, I'm going to start with this little quickie (my little guy is home sick today).

I've been meaning to add little tidbits on my blog that feature cool things that I love about my community. It's a first ring suburb of Cleveland and is often referred to as a small town in a big city i.e., when we go out we almost always run into someone we know but population-wise it's the size of a typical suburb. (Once I was called in for jury duty and while interviewing the potential members of the jury, the judge had to point out that he knew four out of 20 people that were called in! It was so funny, he said things like, "our kids played soccer, she's my neighbor...) Anyway, we still have a thriving downtown and almost all the stores are in buildings that were constructed around 100 years ago. Okay, here's the sewing part: Over a year ago I noticed a new little shop that had opened. What made it noticeable? Why a vintage sewing machine and a vintage dress on a vintage dress form with lots of other vintagey sewing things. I passed it at least once a week for maybe a year before I finally pulled over to find out what it was - Porshes Place an etsy shop. It took a little online investigating but what I found out was so cool! She takes vintage patterns, her customer's measurements and then makes a custom vintage garment. Oh man, I would so love to do that!

Speaking of vintage, I've sewn another one and entered it in the contest at Pattern Review. This was supposed to be my Easter outfit but it just didn't quite get finished in time.

I ran across this pattern online and fell in love with it, really in LOVE with it! But the first time I saw it, it was about 3 sizes too small. Then one day, while shopping in a local vintage shop (with massive amounts of merchandise!) I found a hat box with old patterns and there it was - in my hands - with a "The Higbee Co., Cleveland, OH" sticker on it - only 1 size too small and it came home with me.

I think I made the skirt last year but can't find a picture of it anywhere. That's probably because since I bought this pattern (Vogue 8427) I've lost track of how many times I've made it (navy-long, black pinstripe-long, gray-long, black-short) and didn't feel it was necessary to document yet another OOP pattern. This one was to replace a similar white straight long skirt that I made years ago and wore it to death. I added the pockets from Vogue 8424 because my keys have to go somewhere!

That's all for now...oh wait! Here's another link to one of my new absolute FAVE-check-it-everyday blogs The Vivienne Files where she explains her formula for putting a wardrobe together. "The theory is always the same: 5 core neutral garments, an accent jacket, a couple of white or light neutral tops, and then the 6 dash accent garments in your color(s) of choice."  It sounds so simple doesn't it?

Little boy is still begging for lunch so I better get going. Thanks for stopping by!


velosewer said...

You have been busy and I do like the sound of your community.

Audrey said...

Neat vintage blouse pattern. I wouldn't have know it was vintage from the picture of you wearing it. Love the collar.

Vicki said...

Hi! Cute shirt. Off now to check out Vivienne :)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The collar on the blouse is too fun and I love that gorgeous plummy-blush color.